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The story

Anna breaks up with Bruno after he has cheated on her with their son Boris’s schoolmarm. But her far too young lover can only temporarily offer distraction... Arno and her best friend Lydia’s marriage, on the other hand, looks like the perfect model marriage... But is it…?

Between Alain and Fred all is roses: they are going to get married... or is the party off after all? Astrid, Alain’s sister, is sales assistant in a jewellery. Every day she hopes her Prince Charming will show up. In the meantime, she fails to notice that Paul, the country’s most eligible bachelor, is trying to catch her eye...

And then, finally, there is Annette, who discovers her true self and the love of her life during her search of a missing Santa Clause. “Crazy about yA ” is a film about men, women, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and love. For love is all around. And we all want it so desperately. But love is like Santa Clause: you have to believe in it to make it work...
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